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A Hospitality Tourism Degree Is One Avenue To An Exciting Career A hospitality tourism degree is an often overlooked choice that can lead to an exciting and lucrative career. Studies have shown that at any given time, jobs in the hospitality industry accounted for nearly 11% of all jobs. This is important because it shows that a hospitality tourism degree is one in which finding employment will be less difficult than in some other industries.

Hospitality tourism degrees are available at most levels of higher education from associate's degrees through master's degree programs offered at many universities.

Those who study to earn a hospitality tourism degree will learn about the industry...
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Courses Tourism Programs Can Boost Your Career There are many working in the travel and hospitality industry who have never taken any courses tourism programs offer. Even for those who may not be interested in working toward a certificate or degree, taking courses tourism programs offer can make you more valuable in your job in the hospitality industry.

Some mistakenly think that the tourism industry is not a good place to begin a career. They think that, when the economy falters, the tourism industry would be among the first to suffer. This is often not the case.

There are many areas of the country and around the world in which the number of jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector actually...
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Courses Travel And Tourism Programs Offer Many have considered taking courses travel and tourism degree programs offer. Some do this in the hope of completing the degree while others just want to take courses travel and tourism related so that they can gain a better understanding of the industry in general. Below are some common questions and answers about courses travel and tourism programs may include in their curriculum.

Q: Are the courses travel and tourism programs include just about tourism?

A: No. Courses travel and tourism programs offer typically run the gamut. From learning the basics of the industry, accounting, staff management and more, these programs aim to fully prepare students...
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Earn A Degree Travel And Tourism Related Of the many option for those considering earning a degree travel and tourism related degrees are one of the best options for many. There are many degree travel and tourism options to choose from, and a few of the benefits of seeking a degree in this field are discussed below.

The time it takes to complete a degree travel and tourism related will depend, of course, of the type of degree program and the school that is selected. There are certificate programs that can take less than a year to finish. When time is an issue, and a potential student wants to get to work quickly, a degree travel and tourism related can be a great choice so that you can finish...
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FAQ About Hotel Management Hospitality The hotel management hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing, profitable industries in today's connected world. Hotel management hospitality leaders find success in areas of business travel, tourism, and casual travel alike. There are numerous developing markets in which a job in hotel management hospitality can be both rewarding and lucrative. Here are a few common questions about the industry.

Question 1: What do people in hotel management hospitality do?
People who work in the hotel management hospitality industry can be employed in a number of ways. Traditional hotel managers oversee and guide all major departments of their hotels, and...
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Personality Effects on the Social Network Structure of Boundary-Spanning Personnel in the Tourism Industry

Tourism businesses participate in network relationships with others to obtain resources that are unavailable within. Due to the socially embedded nature of interorganizational relationships, the social networks of the boundary-spanning personnel in tourism businesses are believed to have a profound influence on the formation and structure of their networks at the organizational level. Understanding the boundary-spanning personnel’s social network, particularly in a professional context, may facilitate tourism businesses in their human resources strategies and further benefit their business network development and maintenance. Using the Big-Five personality construct, this study investigated the personality effects on the tourism boundary-spanning personnel’s social network diversity and tie strength in a professional setting. The study revealed the connections between different aspects of individuals’ social networks and their personality traits. The findings indicated that, with different business networking needs or being at different network development stages, tourism businesses may need to look for employees with different personalities to undertake the corresponding networking tasks.

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